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Varsity Athletics COVID-19 Resources

The University of Ottawa's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Varsity Sports is as follows: 

  • Student-Athletes are required by August 1, 2021 to have received ONE vaccination dose. Vaccination verification information will be required to be submitted as part of the Annual Medical Pre-Participation Form that is submitted by a student-athlete. The deadline for receipt of a completed form is August 1, 2021. The forms are to be returned to our medical staff.
  • Student-Athletes are required by October 1, 2021 to have received TWO vaccination doses. Vaccination verification information will be updated as part of Annual Medical Pre-Participation Forms that will have been initially submitted by August 1, 2021. Student-Athletes will be responsible to submit proof of vaccination to our medical staff who will then update the files.
  • Student-athletes who do not comply will be removed from the team’s roster and lose access to all the privileges afforded to student-athletes including team or individual training, competition or any Varsity Integrated Support systems.
  • At each stage of the process (One dose and/or Two doses), our medical team will contact student-athletes who do not have required doses to discuss their situation.
  • If a student requires an accommodation for medical condition or other grounds protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code, requests will be processed as per the University’s accommodations policy in conjunction with the sport medicine physicians. Requests for accommodation are to be communicated with the medical team prior to the deadline dates for doses (August 1 and October 1).
  • All partially and fully vaccinated individuals should continue to follow the COVID-19 measures consistent with general public health guidance and infection prevention and control measures.
  • The University has the right to change, modify, or revoke this COVID-19 Vaccination Policy at any time.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our Varsity Athletics programs over the past few months, and continues to impact our ability to fully deliver on the varsity sports experience for our student-athletes.

We hope the below links and resources help you, our Gee-Gees, educate yourself and feel prepared to face these challenges head on.

Remember that your coaches and our support team are always there to help!


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