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Fueled by tradition and motivated by success, we are the Gee-Gees of the University of Ottawa. Housed in Canada’s capital, this is our campus and these are our colours.

Garnet and Grey, grenat et gris, iconic colours that define who we are today. A unique history filled with athletic and academic excellence, we continually strive to set the standard across our nation. 

Founded in 1848, there has been 170 years of work making the University of Ottawa into what it is today. Though tradition is a pillar, innovation in sport and academia is always our goal.

We pride ourselves in offering the true student-athlete experience. uOttawa offers diverse multi-disciplinary teachings, research programs, and a national reputation among the best higher-learning institutions in our country. The University of Ottawa also strives to continue to play an increasingly influential role on the national and international stage. 

With more than 41,000 students coming from more than 150 countries, the University of Ottawa is a vibrant, cosmopolitan community that works, studies and celebrates in Canada’s two official languages, English and French. The University’s location in the heart of Canada’s capital city affords access to a broad range of national institutions, resources, and services.

Our student-athletes are a proud and diverse group of over 800, with 11 varsity programs, three varsity clubs, and nineteen competitive sport clubs. 

An unforgettable name, an unmistakable logo, we are #GGnation.