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Tutoring Services

The University of Ottawa has a long tradition of both academic and athletic success. At Varsity Athletics, we strongly believe academically successful student-athletes are the cornerstone of competitive sports programs and are critical in reaching our goal of perennial national championship contenders. U SPORTS, the national sport governing body of university sport in Canada, also supports academic success by making it a key eligibility criterion, reinforcing the importance of achieving success both in the classroom and on the field of play. Additionally, we want you, to excel in your academic program, to qualify for, and to maintain financial scholarships and awards.

For these reasons, the uOttawa Varsity Athletics makes the academic success of its student-athletes a main priority. One way to support this priority is by providing Varsity Teams student-athletes support in accessing tutoring services.

Faculty Mentoring Centres offers one-on-one tutoring and course specific mentor-lead group study sessions free of charge. We strongly recommend you visit your Faculty Mentoring Centre to find how and when you can access these services:

In situations when the Faculty Mentoring services are not sufficient, Varsity Athletics offers tutoring support to all Varsity team student-athletes. The request for receiving this service must be initiated and driven by the student-athletes by sending an email to their Team Mentor and Varsity Athletics Coordinator, Academics and Compliance ( In this request, the student-athlete must specify the reason(s) why tutoring services are required (exam, assignment, specific theme, etc.) and the expected number of hours in their email. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Approval or other alternatives will be communicated within 24 hours. Once student-athletes have received the approval, they will be responsible for finding their tutor. 

Together with their tutor, the student-athlete will fill out the provided Tutor Timesheet for payment of the session(s). Both the tutor and the athlete must sign the bottom of the form prior to submission. When the form is complete is should be resubmitted to the Varsity Athletics Coordinator, Academics and Compliance ( for payment. Tutor timesheet are only available via your Team Mentor.

Varsity Athletics will pay the tutor directly on the basis of the following rates –

Tutoring with uOttawa Students:

  • Undergraduate tutors will be paid $15/hour
  • Graduate tutors will be paid $20/hours

Tutoring service providers outside of uOttawa:

  • Pending approval, Varsity Athletics will only cover the cost of tutoring services up to $150 per course. Student-athletes using this type of tutoring service provider may have to cover some of the cost.

It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to ensure the tutor is aware of these rates."