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The Alerts Cup celebrates the history of women’s hockey in the nation’s capital – a history that is often overlooked but is actually rich and proud. The present-day Gee-Gees and Carleton Ravens pay tribute to that history by naming their women's hockey rivalry game after a championship-winning team of pioneering players in the city: the Ottawa Alerts.

The history of women’s hockey literally begins in Ottawa; the site of the first ever game featuring women only was Rideau Hall in 1889. That was recreational, but soon a competitive team would capture the attention of the City. The Ottawa Alerts formed in 1915 and would stay together until 1930. They became the first-ever women’s world champions in 1917 when they defeated the Pittsburgh Polar Maids.

The Alerts were mainly an exhibition team that traveled to play in Montreal, Renfrew, Cornwall, Toronto and Pittsburgh, before entering the Eastern Ladies Hockey League in Quebec. During their fifteen years of existence, they were the Canadian Champions six times.

The Gee-Gees and Ravens started an Alerts Cup in 2004-05 and it was revived in 2018-19. The Gee-Gees hold the trophy following a 4-1 victory at Carleton in the 2019-20 edition.


Gee-Gees team poses on ice with Alerts Cup.