Have you ever witnessed an athlete get injured on the field and felt like running over to help? Then a student trainer work experience might be for you!

NOTE: Deadline for Student Trainer Applications is Nov. 1

There are 18 Gee-Gees student trainers working with uOttawa varsity teams each year, and the deadline to apply for the student trainer course (in order to become a student trainer) is coming up. This Monday, November 1st is the deadline for 2022-2023. If you are interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to Head Athletic Therapist, Crissy McPhee cmcphee@uottawa.ca


  • Be enrolled in a health-oriented program; preferably Human Kinetics or Physiotherapy
  • Have your First Aid and CPR/AED certifications
  • It is also recommended to have done the ‘Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries’ (APA 3125/3525) as it covers the basics that you will need to know

Student Trainer Class

The required class to become a student trainer is from January to April for 3 hours per week one evening. It is not for credits and will cost between $40 and $50 and is meant to train you to work for the following school year as a student trainer with a varsity team. This is a competitive course (14-16 spots) to get into and only some are selected for a student trainer position based on the performance in class.

Being a Student Trainer

  • Great experience but also demands a high level of commitment (you are an integral part of the team!)
  • You get paid through the work study program per semester
  • Every team has at least 2 student trainers (you are not alone in this!)

Becoming a Student Trainer

To become a student trainer or if you have any questions, please email Crissy McPhee at cmcphee@uottawa.ca

You will need to do 2-3 volunteer clinic hours with one of our Athletic Therapist as well as shadowing with a current student trainer.


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Crissy McPhee full bio
Crissy McPhee
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Sarah Gillanders
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2022-23 Student Athletic Trainers

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Kailey Dennis full bio Kailey Dennis Team: Football
Renée Desjardins full bio Renée Desjardins Team: Women's Hockey
Amélie Giroux full bio Amélie Giroux Team: Football
Gabriel Lauzon full bio Gabriel Lauzon Team: Men's Hockey
Julia Ludgate full bio Julia Ludgate Team: Women's Hockey
Sarah Ludgate full bio Sarah Ludgate Team: Women's Soccer
Ruthie MacGregor full bio Ruthie MacGregor Team: Women's Rugby
Sophia Mourcos full bio Sophia Mourcos Team: Women's Basketball
Elie Nehme full bio Elie Nehme Team: Men's Rugby
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Alessandro Procaccini full bio Alessandro Procaccini Team: Men's Basketball
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