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Women's Golf

Women's Golf

The University of Ottawa (uOttawa) will be launching an advanced golf development program to grow competitive golf for their Gee-Gees women’s golf team. This program, under the tutelage of Ms. Anouk Guelidi, commenced in September, 2014.   

The initial aim of this program is to introduce female students that would like to represent the University of Ottawa, by playing competition golf in both Canada and the USA, at an elite level. In addition to this, we wish to increase the number of committed players who will provide growth and future long-term success to the University of Ottawa’s golf program.

“Commitment and working hard are keys to success”

Team Categories, Selection and Criteria   

To do this, we will be using a two-team approach. These teams will be called the “Competitive Team” and the “Development Team”. 

The Competitive team

The Gee-Gees women’s “Competitive team” will compete at selected Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) events.

The head coach will select players that will be part of the competitive team that will represent uOttawa at selected national and international golfing events. Selection criteria will be based on playability skill testing, educational requirements, performance and level of competition.  As the competitive team, the team’s goal is to be at least in the top third of the leader board. Successful and envisioned members of the competitive team are elite players that can score in the 60s and 70s. Once on the team, players will have to be fully available and dedicated for both spring and fall team tournaments and to play outside tournaments during summer. Summer events, which are outside the University’s curriculum, will be at the player’s own expenses. Team members are responsible to maintain their level of skills (handicap) and competitiveness both on and off season (there are a lot of tournaments where players can compete as an individual in the Ottawa area).  Maintaining a competitive level is the player’s responsibility. Should these levels not be maintained, the head coach may allocate players to the development team for training and improvement. This will be either done during private or semi-private training sessions conducted by the head coach at scheduled times within the University or summer windows. Golf course fees (green fees) may be applied at any time.

The Development team

The Gee-Gees women’s “Development team” will be the reservoir of new talents who will be trained to improve their game. The members of the development team are players that normally score in the 80s and do not play more than 95.

The head coach will choose the players that will be part of the development team. As for the competitive team, selection is based on playability skill testing, educational requirements, performance and level of competition.  Members of the development team are expected to maintain or score under 95. Team players will be given every opportunity to improve their skill sets. This will be either through private or semi-private training sessions conducted by the head coach at scheduled times within the University or summer windows. Golf course fees (green fees) may be applied at any time.

Wild Card or Re-Assessment

A “Wild Card’ may be issued to a player of the development team by the head coach which will allow a player to play at one of the scheduled competitive team golf events.  This rewarding opportunity, which may arise at any given time, is based on performance, commitment and educational requirements. The Wild Card may also be exercised to mitigate any unforeseen shortcomings that the coach, competitive team or playing field may experience. Depending on the circumstances, this may be a temporary placement or for an indefinite period of time.  

In addition to the Wild Card, re-assessments of players during their training program may also permit them to move to the competitive team should they meet the competitive team criteria. Re-assessments will be conducted as required.

Being part of the development team will not only will give you the opportunity to play better golf and receive excellent training, but also a second chance to wear the colors of the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees women golf team at one or any of its scheduled events.


In addition to playing criteria’s, to be eligible to be part of one of the University of Ottawa women’s golf teams, a player must:

  • Provide a complete golf resume detailing her record as a  golfer in local citywide play, provincial play, and/or play at a national level;
  • Have a valid passport for cross-border golf events in the United States;
  • Proof of her scoring average on a 18-holes golf course (this is usually endorsed by a Club Professional);
  • Attend the playability skill testing which will be held during last week of August. Skill testing is a series of tests on your short game and ball flight trajectories; and
  • Pay a $20 playability skill testing fee. This fee will be used to defray any team costs.

Academic Requirements

Education is equally important. Golf team members will be required to complete 12 credit per term and not just pass. GPA per term 5.0 (B-) out of 10.0 or above for access to unrestricted away play. GPA 4.0 (C-) to 5.0, advised to raise GPA next term, potential restrictions on away play. GPA below 4.0 = academic probation, plus restrictions on away play. Two terms in a row below 4.0 will equal a suspension.

Additional Requirements

Teams will be managed through e-mail and phone. Having your own e-mail address and a computer to access the internet is a team requirement. A contact listing, which will include a playing and training schedule, will be created. 

Membership Fees

A nominal fee of $100.00 will be collected from each player. The money will help increase the women’s golf teams’ budget and assist in defraying costs. All membership fees must be paid in full when players are selected to part of one of the teams.


Financing a golf team can be a real challenge. The University of Ottawa women’s golf team’s budget is based on fundraising and grants allocated either internally or from Golf Canada.  Any golf facility may charge a green fee, at a preferential rate, to the University of Ottawa women’s golf teams during their training sessions. Green fees and travel expenses during these sessions are at the expenses of the player.

Golf funds allocated to the University of Ottawa are designed to cover entry fees, travel and lodging expenses of the competitive team when at selected OUA and NCAA’s events. In addition, a portion of the funds would be allocated to administrative and coaching support.

As the University of Ottawa women’s golf team’s budget grows, a portion of funds may be allocated to players and coaches who would like to attend a National Certification Coaching Program (NCCP).  More funds may be available to support both team’s development and other playing opportunities. Players are encouraged to support fundraising activities, including women’s and junior’s golf events organized by the University of Ottawa.  Suggestions are welcome. This will also help attract and develop new talents and provide the needed growth which the program needs for its long term success. 


Contact :

Dawn Turner